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Car Sales Training Videos

Car sales training videos allows your team members to avoid common mistakes that hurt their closure rates with people on the dealership floor. What mistakes can car sales training help your salespeople avoid?

Talking Specs with Dad instead of Selling to Mom

Have you heard the old adage that if Mamma ain’t happy, nobody is happy? Too many car salespeople readily discuss car specifications and technical details with the father while ignoring the interests of the mother. While Dad may have fun learning about how fast the vehicle can accelerate and discussing the features lifted from race car designs, mothers tend to be interested in factors like safety, space, convenience, security and price. If the man is sold on its performance but Mom doesn’t like the safety rating, price or lack of space, they aren’t buying the car. And ignoring the mother as she looks at family friendly vehicles while Dad looks at the two seaters they might get after the kids move out of the house means you won’t sell the vehicle they actually need today. Car sales training programs should teach salespeople to identify the true decision makers and pitch the vehicle to all stakeholders in the deal.  For the best Calgary homes for sale check out

Either way you’re buying a car today!

Selling to the New Car Buyer While Ignoring the Financier

One of the milestones of adulthood is acquiring the first car. One of the common mistakes automotive salespeople make is selling the car to the driver while ignoring the financier. For example, they’ll sell the cool little car to the chick or sporty vehicle to the young person while failing to notice the disapproval of Mom and Dad. And if the parents don’t like the car, it is the rare teenager who can wheedle the parents into spending 15K to 25K on a vehicle. This mistake isn’t restricted to teenagers shopping for a vehicle for the first time. Young adults in their twenties are more commonly buying cars with a parent cosigning. And if the co-signer says no to the loan amount, the young adult needs to find a used version of the car they love or a cheaper model on the floor. The car salesperson that ignores the values of the true decision maker, the person paying for the vehicle, they risk losing out on the commission from that pair today and the repeat business of the young person who is more likely to buy his or her next vehicle from your dealership. Car sales training should address how to sell the vehicle to both the driver and the decision maker.

Assuming the Wants without Focusing on Needs

Assuming a young couple wants a cool looking two seater without asking questions about their desires and interests will drive away a couple that is looking for a sedan for a growing family.  If you are looking for SEO services in Calgary check out  Assuming that the older individual wants a safe or affordable vehicle without asking about requirements like universal design attributes that aid those with limited mobility, reach or vision to retain their independence can cost you the sale. Don’t assume what your customers want, and never inhibit the dialogue that helps you discover what they truly need. After all, those needs will make and break the deal, no matter what else they may want. Car sales training must include tactics for identifying the customers must-haves as well as their desired traits.